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Don't even think about paying for porn on the net! What's the matter with you? Why are all you new surfers on the net running around with your credit cards and paying for porn? Don't you see that by paying for porn it ruins it for all of us who get it for free? Don't you see that the more people give in and accept paying for porn the less free porn we will see on the net?

You want porn, we want porn, everyone loves porn and loves to surf porn. But why go out and pay for it? Why not learn how to get it for free like Napster taught people to get music for free? If you were going to say because no one is teaching us how to get free porn then here we are, we are going to teach you how to get free porn, so you have no more excuses. The pathetic part is that getting porn games is 100 times easier than learning how to use Napster for getting free music! It's simple and it takes less than 2 minutes for Christ's sake! So please put down your money, sit down for 2 minutes and learn how to get free porn from this page! Be smart, don't be a Sucker!

We are The Napster of the Porn Industry! We are a group of veteran websurfers / hackers / pornlovers / password pirates / and of course good guys! 5 years ago every single adult pay site offered free passes. These free passes simply let you look around inside their site for free so that you could decide if you wanted to sign up for a membership or not. Today there are maybe 30 paysites at most that still offer these free passes.  That's only 30 out of at least 50,000 adult sites people!!!

As you can see adult sites that offer free passes are practically extinct. The only good news in this whole mess is that 22 out of the 30 sites that still offer these free passes are also on the top 30 list of adult sites on the internet, they are 22 of the oldest and largest sites on the net.  They are supersites that will never go away and will never give up the free passes. What we are trying to do here is bring the free passes back from extinction. We want all 50,000 adult sites on the net to offer them once again. Look at what Napster did for music... that is exactly what we intend to do for cartoon porn games. Why pay for music when you can download it for free in a matter of minutes right? So why pay for family sex games if you can sign up for a free quick peek pass in less than a minute??  Should we have to pay just to take a look at the inside of an adult site? No! We don't think so! And we're doing something about it.

We are currently giving out just over 105,000 free quick peek passes per day. That means that over 100,000 people a day learn that there is a free alternative for them and they tell other people (check out our testimonials link below to see what they have to say!). By the time we give out a million free passes a day so many people out there will prefer sites with free passes that other paid sites will have to offer free passes again. It comes down to this... if all you surfers out there pay for porn every time and never complain then free passes will disappear. But if a million of you a day say NO to paying for porn and go to the few paysites that offer free passes... then that will send out a message which cannot be ignored. It's as simple as this... if we do not send out this message free porn will disappear and if you're like me and not exactly Bill Gates you can kiss surfing porn goodbye!

They are actually very simple. The purpose of a Quick Peek Pass is simply to give you a quick free look inside the members area of an adult site for free and for a limited time. The same purpose as a test drive provides when buying a car... or those sample tasters you get at Costco or Sam's Club. It's just a free taste so you can better decide if you would like to join or not. Each FREE Quick Peek Pass is good for 1-3 days, depending on which XXX games site you join. That means you can surf the inside of an adult site for 1-3 days for free.

You can either use your pass to look all around and explore the inside of an adult site or you can use it to download as much free cumshots porn as you can in 1-3 days. Back when all adult games sites offered these passes you could literally surf porn for months for free. I remember getting a free quick peek pass to every site I could find and every new site that came out... those were the good old days. Nowadays sites want 40 bucks a month just to let you in :-(

To get into these sites you will need a check or credit card.  If you choose to use your credit card you can be sure that you will not be charged for your free 1-3 days and that your cc info is safe. The 22 sites below are not run by a couple of scumbags... these are multi-million dollar operations. Actually the sites below are public companies... hell you can invest in them on the New York stock exchange. Plus these are the last sites to offer us free porn... these are the good guys. The greedy guys won't even let us see their sites without dishing out 50 bucks! The point is that they are huge operations with policies and liabilities, they will never mistreat your personal info.

After you fill out the join form, you pick out a username and password for your free pass and that's it... you're in business. Read the section below called Directions for using your free quick peek pass then grab some popcorn or a beer and kick back and watch some of the best porn you will ever come across. And be proud of yourself because you just joined thousands of other people and you're helping bring back free passes! And you didn't give in and pay :-)

Step 1

At the bottom of this page you will see a large selection of adult sites that offer free quick peek passwords.  Click on the site that interests you and you will then be taken to the site's backdoor free access page.

Step 2

Find the FREE JOIN or FREE ACCESS links on the site and click it to proceed to the site's free join form.

Step 3

Fill out all the required information.  Personal verification is required.  A credit card number may be asked to obtain a "Free Pass."  If you feel you don't understand anything at all or if you just wanna make sure for yourself that what we're telling you isn't too good to be true, feel free to read over the terms and conditions yourself.

Step 4

Once you have completed the required information, you will automatically be directed to the login page of the adult sex dating site you joined for FREE access.  It's that easy!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us!

You may join as many sites as you wish for FREE
We recommend that you bookmark this page in order to find your way back from one site to join another!

Raw XXX Porn
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Raw XXX Porn specializes in the rawest hardcore sex ever!  There is NO softcore shit here.  This site has some of the best porn movies I've seen on the net.  They also have a crap load of pics.  Check the site out now and start with a free handjob!

XXX Porn Flicks
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Well, this is the place if you're looking for movies!  They have so many movies in their members area, that it would literally take you months of constant downloading to get them all!  All porn games are are categorized and of very high quality.

X Rated Gangbang
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Ever want to be in a big orgy like Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Well, now at least you can watch it!  There's some awesome sex games in this site, I was watching one where there was at least 50 people!  I know you guys will like this site ;)

Lots of Latinas
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This is definitely the place for any Latina lovers, that includes me!  Personally, I loved this site.  I think Latinas are some of the hottest swinging couples on earth and boy do they know how to fuck!  This site contains 50,000 videos and adult dating.  Check it out!

Bisexual Fuck Fest
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This site has a ton of girl girl guy movies and pics!  I love this stuff, who doesn't want to see a stoner girls riding a big cock while having another girl lick her wet pussy at the same time?  I sure do!  Check this site out to watch guys live every man's dream!

Freak Show Cocks
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This site is crazy!  They find guys that have enormous cocks, then they get the cutest young babes (some are every virgins) and they anal sex the shit out of them!  These girls literally are screaming!  You gotta check this site out, it's great!

Untapped Teens
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I can't believe these guys get these young teen sex girls to lose their virginity on camera!  They must have to pay them a pretty penny.  But I love it!  They really take it to these chicks, and afterwards they always want the cock again!  Check it out!!

Top Ten Orgasms
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There's no faking here!  This adult hookupsite has babes that have 100% real orgasms and the best part is they rank them on how good they are!  You should hear some of these babes scream!  If you want to see some of the best climax's in the world, then go here!

Mom Videos
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Check out Mom Videos to see some of the hottest MILFs on the net choking on huge cock and getting fucked hard!  These babes are all experienced and ready!  Check this site out for sex games!

Fuck White Bitches
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Finally we found a pass to an interracial site!  This site features tons of hot white girls getting pounded hard by small dicks!  This is one of the best interracial sites out there!  You guys gotta see this!

Girl Girl Lovers
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Watch sexy young teens licking each other's wet pussies!  This is the ultimate lesbian movie and picture site.  They have so much content that I had to signup twice to get everything I wanted!  Go watch girls love!

Cherry Filled Sex
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Experience some of the youngest legal teens getting their cherry popped for the first time!  All these teens are never before fucked, and now they get pounded hard by a huge 10" cock!  Check it out!

Hardcore Teen Videos
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What's better to watch than a smokin hot teen get the shit fucked out of her!  Nothing!  This fuckbook site has tons of fully downloadable videos for you to collect with your free pass!  You should definitely check this out!

Two in Her Butt
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This site is awesome!  They have a ton of videos of hot babes get two huge cocks in their tight asses!  It's amazing how they can fit them in there!  This is one of the best anal sites I've seen in a while, check it out!

Orgy Fucked
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This site has tons of hot young babes that get fucked hard in huge orgies!  Every niche from Milf to bdsm dating.  You won't believe your eyes!  If you like hardcore group fucking, check this out!

Ass Fuck Videos
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Ass Fuck Videos is one of the best anal sites I've ever been on!  They have a ton of fully downloadable videos of hot young babes looking to hookup to get their assholes ripped open!  You gotta check this site out!

Exotic Ebonys
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There's nothing better than a nice, round, black ass.  Well I guess something better than that would be a black sex hookups with a huge cock in it!  Check this site out for a ton of black hoes sucking big cock and getting fucked!

Spicy Asian Teens
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If there's one thing I love in this world, it's a sexy Asian teen.  This is one of my favorite sites.  It has hot asian babes that love to suck a big cock and get fucked hard, then swallow a huge load of hot cum!  You guys gotta see this!

Hot Naughty Wives
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These wives are bad girls, or should I say women :)  I love MILFs and that's exactly what these babes are.  Check this site out and download thousands of movies and pics!

Anal Teen Movies
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This site rocks!  They have tons of movies of hot young teen sex getting anal for the first time (at least that's the way it sounds when they're screaming).  This is a great anal site!

Blowjob Fun
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There's nothing better in this world that a girl who loves nothing better than to suck a big dick and swallow cum... from three guys at a time!  This site is crazy, these girls take on 2+ cocks each and get loaded with jizz!

German Anal
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After joining this site I love German babes!  All these hot German girls take rough sex dating ass, and they like it hard!  This is definitely a good site and highly recommend it!

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