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We try to add a new site every week! Check out our news section to find a small review we do on each new site.  We also post any new site happenings here.  And please remember to bookmark us!
Two Brand New Sites!
Posted on September 11, 2009
Have you all seen the new ex-girlfriend sites out there? Well if not, we finally got a free pass to the best one for you! Check out Raunchy GF's, there's a link on the main page.

We also added the new site Fuck My Mommy and Me. These guys find real mom's and daughters to fuck a guy together on camera. It's pretty insane, definitely worth checking out.

More to come!!
New Site: Devil Tube
Posted on August 02, 2009
Everyone knows about YouTube, but what is there for porn? We found the best porn tube site you are ever going to see. When you get your account, you get access to about a million videos that you can stream or download. They have every porn niche imaginable. This is probably the most complete porn site on the net. Definitely worth checking out.
Facebook of Sex!
Posted on June 27, 2009
We just got free access to one of the hottest hookup sites on the net! I'm sure you've come across ads for the "Facebook of Sex" and they end up charging $30/month for a membership. As always, we are Free Porn Lessons got you guys a free pass. Check out Fuckbook Dating and signup for free. There are so many horny chicks looking to fuck on this site, it's crazy!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Posted on February 13, 2009
Just wishing everyone a happy valentine's day tomorrow!
So What's Coming in 2009?
Posted on January 17, 2009
First of all, we hope everyone is having a great 2009 so far. This year we are going to strive to double the size of our porn sites collection. We currently have 31 working porn site passes, that are 100% free. By the end of the year, we would like to increase this number to at least 62. We encourage all of our loyal users to keep checking back all year long. Every site here is free to join as many times as you wish. Whenever you need some high quality, downloadable porn videos... make sure you check out Free Porn Lessons!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Posted on December 18, 2008
We here at Free Porn Lessons want to wish all of our loyal visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We have had a great year this year, millions of people learned how to get porn for free! Because of your help, there are MANY more paysites that have started offering a free trial to their sites. We hope we can have an even better year next year. Once again, have a great holiday! Stay tuned, we have a lot more new sites coming for you in 2009!

The Free Porn Lessons team!

New Latina Site Added
Posted on November 25, 2008
We found a free access pass to probably one of the best Latina porn sites on the internet.  This site has so many high quality videos, you won't even know where to start.  Just scroll down on our main page to Latina Fuck Videos and check it out.  If you're a Latina fan, you will not be disappointed with this site!
Two New Sites!
Posted on September 25, 2008
Today we've added two new sites.  One of them is Fetish Room, we have not had this niche on our site in years... be sure to check it out while it lasts!  We also added a site called Top Ten Orgasms, this site is really fucking cool.  They show all these porn videos where chicks have the craziest orgasms, then you can vote on your favorite.  Whatever chick gets the most favorites in a month, receives a cash prize... then she does another porn video for all of her fans : )
New Big Tits Site
Posted on July 28, 2008
A new big tits site has been added, and guess what?  It's in high definition too!  The site is called Mega Titty and can be found closer to the bottom of the main page.  This site has tons of extremely high quality videos and everything is fully downloadable.  Check it out!
Another New HD Teen Porn Site
Posted on July 14, 2008
We just added a new high definition free teen porn site called Finally Eighteen!  This is some of the best teen sex on the net, definitely worth checking out.  Stay tuned for more news, we will have some more new sites next week.
Free Sex Stories
Posted on May 28, 2008
We have decided to make a new section on this site. We're going to be giving away free sex stories! We will be updating this page every week with about 10 new stories, so keep checking back. And be sure to get some free porn from us too!
Two New High Definition Sites!
Posted on May 14, 2008
I told you guys we would have some great new sites soon! Today we added Dark Meat White Treat, an interracial with all high definition movies that are fully downloadable. We also put up Creampie Frenzy, watch these hot babes get their holes filled with cum in high def! More good sites coming soon, keep checking back!
Huge Cock Little Teen Added
Posted on May 07, 2008
There is a new site you can get into for FREE!!! We put up Huge Cock Little Teen today, this site is just crazy. They find dudes with gigantic dicks and find the most petite girls to get fucked. These girls can barely fit these dicks in their pussy! You guys have to check this one out.
New Housewives Site
Posted on March 14, 2008
Today we added a pretty cool new milf/housewives site called Little Whore Wives. This is a reality type site that features sexy wives that are so horny they will fuck just about any one... from the poolboy to the mail man. There's tons of very high quality videos in the members area, as well as pictures. Check it out and stay tuned for more updates coming soon!
Two New Sites
Posted on January 25, 2008
We're starting off with two new sites.  Squirt Whores and iLesbos.  Squirt Whores is dedicated to hot babes having huge orgasms then squirting all over the place, great site.  And iLesbos has some of the hottest exclusive lesbian content I've ever seen.  Definitely check these two out!
Lots of New Sites Coming
Posted on January 18, 2008
So we just hit the motherload, in about a week we will be adding a big crop of new sites.  Tons of niches too, including latina, interracial, squirting, and way more.  We're just letting you guys know ahead of time so you can keep checking back.  Stay tuned!
My Boyfriend's Mom is back!
Posted on December 18, 2007
First of all, we would just like to say Merry Christmas to all of our loyal porn lovers ;)

If you have been coming to our site for the past few years to get the best free porn, you might remember a site called "My Boyfriend's Mom"... we lost the free pass to this site last year and haven't been able to get it back, until now.  You can now join this site again, just check out the link on the main page.  Thank us later :)
Two New Sites
Posted on November 07, 2007
We added two new sites today... Labia Loving Lesbians and Bonzai Bitches.  If you're into lesbians or asians, you guys should definitely check these sites out.  Everything in the members area is very high quality, lots of movies and pics.
Happy Halloween
Posted on October 14, 2007
Just wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!  And as always, enjoy the free porn!

New Cams - Really Hot Cams
Posted on September 24, 2007
For over two years we've been searching for a live video cam chat site that would be better than the one we had.  The time has finally come!  Really Hot Cams has WAY more girls, literally around 5000 online at all times.  It is 100% free to join and chat with these babes.  Since we added this site, it was quickly become our #1 free pass.  We definitely recommend checking this site out.
Raw XXX Porn and XXX Petites Added
Posted on August 9, 2007
We added these two new sites today and they're a little different from the normal stuff.  XXX Petites is the first petite site we've ever gotten a free pass to and everyone seems to be loving it (as well as us).  Raw XXX Porn is one of the most hardcore sites on the net, no soft shit here.  Definitely check out both of these!
New Asian Site Replaces Asian Sizzle
Posted on July 27, 2007
Well since Asian Sizzle no longer offers a free pass, we replaced that one with Best of Asian Sex.  This site is one of the largest asian porn sites on the net and it has been around forever (since the 90's).  They have so much content it's insane, check it out!
New Anal Site Added
Posted on July 12, 2007
There is a new anal site!  We have been looking for one for a while now.  The site is All Anal Pleasures and the content is spectacularly hardcore!  They have thousands of movies and pics to download, check it out while you can!
Dating Site Has Been Added
Posted on June 17, 2007
Today we added a site called Local Vixens.  It's a 100% free adult dating membership, you don't have to upgrade in the members area at all like all those other big "free" dating sites.  If you're looking for a date and don't want to pay up to $200 to find one, then check that site out!
Anal Brats Added
Posted on April 04, 2007
We finally got a free pass to Anal Brats so we added it right away today!  This site has the hottest teen babes getting banged in the ass for the first time ever!  If you're into some anal devirginization, then this site is definitely for you.
3 New Sites Added
Posted on March 05, 2007
Today we added 3 great new sites.  They are Adult Superstar Flicks, All Axxxess, and Lesbian Orgy Factory.  This is very rare to find these great sites to be free.  You guys should definitely check them out, there's some very nice porn to download :)
New Sites Coming Soon
Posted on February 27, 2007
We will be adding some hot new sites in March!  Stay tuned... you guys will be pleased :)
My Boyfriend's Mom Added
Posted on February 01, 2007
Today we added a sweet new site called My Boyfriend's Mom.  They have the craziest content ever!  These guy's moms get with their girlfriend while they're away.  You guys have to see this site!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Posted on December 25, 2006
It has been a great year this year for the fight for free porn!  You guys have helped out much more than you will ever know, as you can see there are many more free pass sites on the internet today and that's because of you!  We have given out millions of free passes this year and we hope that next year will be even better!  We hope you enjoy the rest of your year and have a happy holidays!  Now for a little treat, click the hottie to your right ;-)

Her First Orgasm Added
Posted on December 10, 2006
We finally got a free pass to Her First Orgasm!  This is a great masturbation site where they make sure some really hot girls have a big orgasm.  There's no other site out there like it, check it out!
Free Porn Lessons Growth
Posted on November 7, 2006
Over the past month, Free Porn Lessons has been granting over 250,000 free passwords per day to the top adult paysites.  A year ago we were only giving away around 50,000 per day, that's some huge growth!  We would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for helping to make porn on the internet free again!  We will be adding some new sites very soon!
New Huge Boobs Site!
Posted on October 10, 2006
We have added a great new big tit site called Cum on Huge Hooters.  These guys have lots of excellent videos we've never even seen before.  Check it out while it's available!
Crazy New Site!
Posted on August 30, 2006
Today we added a new site called Dildo Drillers.  They have tons of videos and pictures of guys with huge dildo drills, drilling the fuck out of tight pussy!  You guys have to see this site!


New Site!
Posted on August 10, 2006
We added All Girls Spanking today!  This site has the hottest lesbian babes spanking each others ass till it's red!  You guys have to see this site, it's a good one!


Awesome New Site!
Posted on July 12, 2006
Today we added an awesome reality site, Taxi Cams!  This site is just like the late night show "Taxi Cab Confessions" except they get a lot more hardcore.  They have tons of pics and videos of unsuspecting drunk girls being taped!  This site is a must see!


New Site!
Posted on June 17, 2006
We added XXX Slutty Teens today!  This is an excellent site if you like hardcore teen porn, they have tons of movies and pics to download in the members area.  Check it out!


New Sites!
Posted on May 24, 2006
Today we added three all exclusive sites!  Gag that slut, boobies, and busty latinas!  They all have content you can't see anywhere else.  Everything in the members area is fully downloadable for you to keep too!  These sites won't charge you a dime, check it out!


Two New Sites!
Posted on May 06, 2006
Today we added two very good sites.  They are Cum on Huge Hooters, a killer big tit fucking site, and Ebony Bangers.  You guys should definitely check these sites out!


Random News!
Posted on April 28, 2006
We put up a new logo on the main page today, tell us how you like it!  We're not sure yet if we're going to keep it up or switch back to the old one :)  We've been getting a lot of emails requesting more celebrity sites and more niche sites.  So we are working on getting a pass for a very good foot fetish site and 1 more new celeb site, these should both be up in a week or so, so check back often!  Thanks for the support everyone!


Two New Sites!
Posted on April 05, 2006
Two new sites were added today, Lots of Latinas and Poop Chute Porn.  These sites both have free lifetime memberships.  Get all the latina and anal porn you can download!


New Site - Celebrity Orgy!
Posted on March 15, 2006
We added Celebrity Orgy today!  We've been trying to find a free pass to this site for months due to many of your requests.  This site is packed with more celebrity content than we've ever seen on the net, no wonder everyone wanted to get in here for free ;)  They have every sex tape ever released and a ton of exclusive paparazzi nude pics and videos.  Check out their huge collection of nude scenes from practically every movie ever made too.


New Site - Boobies!
Posted on February 18, 2006
Today we added one of the best big tit sites on the net!  This site has thousands of the most high quality videos for you to download!  Check it out!


New Site
Posted on February 08, 2006
We added an awesome double penetration site today!  Two Holes Two Poles is one of the best DP sites out there, they have tons of movies and pictures for you to download.  Join for free and let us know how you like it!


7 New Sites Added!
Posted on January 22, 2006
Today we added some excellent sites, you must check them out.  The sites are Whale Cock, Mega Titty, Lesbian Clit Lickers, Asian Sizzle, Real Drunk Girls, Go Fuck a MILF, and Honey I Fucked the babysitter.  All these sites have tons of fully downloadable pics and videos and are definitely some of the best we've ever seen.


5 New Sites Added!
Posted on January 03, 2006
You guys have to check out these new sites we added, they kick ass!  The new ones are Farmer Sluts, Exposed Celebrity, Teen Sluts, Slutty Schoolbus, and Fuck My Gaping Ass!  They all have an excellent members area.  Email us and let us know what you think!


Mr. Skin Added!
Posted on December 13, 2005
We added the famous Mr. Skin site today!  This site was featured on Howard Stern several times and has some awesome nude celebrity content!  Now you can get in it for free!  Check it out on the main page!


3 New Sites Added!
Posted on November 03, 2005
You guys have to see the new sites we added!  All 3 of them have 100% exclusive content, meaning you can't see it anywhere else.  The sites added are Kiss My Crack, Candy Black Ass, and Cum and Ass.  We verified that these sites are all free and they have tons of content for you to download and keep on your computer.  Check them out!


3 New Sites Added!
Posted on October 23, 2005
We added 3 killer new sites to our growing list of free paysites!  Mega Cock Hammer, Extreme Hardcore, and Pornstar Video Vault.  You guys gotta join these sites, they are definitely worth your time, plus they're free :)


New Site: Sweet Mommy!
Posted on October 12, 2005
Today we added an awesome new milf site called Sweet Mommy!  You'll find thousands of the highest quality milf pictures and movies in this site, and it's all free of course!  Check it out and let us know what you think!


New Site: Ebony Wonderland!
Posted on September 25, 2005
Hi there!  We added a sweet new ebony site today, Ebony Wonderland!  These guys have thousands of fully downloadable movies and tons of pics as well.  If you like black ghetto booty, this site is definitely for you ;)


Get your free penis enlargement & sex secrets guide!
Posted on September 09, 2005
Hi everyone!  As a thank you for everyone's continued support for our cause, we are giving away a free penis enlargement & sex secrets guide!  The guide is 32 pages long and filled with some amazing info that really works.  This guide has a $60 value and we're giving it away for free. All you have to do is join one of the 100% free sites on our main page then fill out the form here.  If all of your info is correct, we will send you a link to download the guide within 24 hours.  Once again, thank you for your continued support on our cause for a free adult internet.

2 New Sites Added
Posted on August 21, 2005
Do you like threesomes?  You gotta see the new site we added, Bisexual Fuck Fest!  It can be found on the main page.  In addition, we also added Untapped Teens, which had lots of good pics and movies of first time amateur girls taking on big cocks!  Enjoy!


3 New Sites Added
Posted on August 05, 2005
We added 3 new sites today and they all rock!  The new ones are "iJuggs", Shaved Pies, and Cute Kim!  You guys gotta check out all these sites, they have some great new stuff we've never even seen before


New Site: Huge Cock Porno
Posted on July 23, 2005
They say size doesn’t matter… BULLSHIT, the size does matter especially when you see these monster cocks shoved right into a tight little pussy.
Huge Cock Porno brings you so much content that you are going to need an additional trip to the market to get more lube and Kleenex. The cocks represented her are truly huge. What surprised me was that not all of them were black. Some of these monsters were 6” inches in diameter and 14” in length!

I spent hours inside this member’s area. The colors are very pleasing and the entire site is laid out very well. It’s one of the fullest and most feature rich member’s areas I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing.  They have a ton of movies and a ton of pics!  Check it out!

New Site: Squirt Whores!
Posted on May 29, 2005
Is there anything more beautiful than a gorgeous girl squirting? For those of you saying, why do I want to watch a girl pee? You obviously have never experienced it. When we say squirting, we mean cumming and ejaculating. If you have never made a girl do it, or seen it, then Squirt Whores is the place for you.  This site is awesome and I definitely recommend you check it out.  Just go back to the main page Free Porn Lessons and follow the steps to get free access to it!

New Site: Pornstar Movie Central!
Posted on May 09, 2005
Good sensations and… you know it! Well almost. At Pornstar Movie Central there are definitely some good vibrations going on because of all the hotties archived in their collection. Virtually every hot porn star on the market as well as a number of amateurs has some hot content waiting inside.

Record Day for Free Porn Lessons!
Posted on April 30, 2005
Today Free Porn Lessons gave out over 60,000 free passes!  As you may know, our goal has always been 100,000 free passes daily and we are now one step closer, with our previous record at 50k.  Just a reminder to everyone how big this is for us, we work extremely hard to find these free sites and help everyone to join them.  With out efforts, hopefully soon there will be more paysites jumping on the bandwagon and giving out free passes!  Thanks for the support everyone, we couldn't have done it without you!

New Site: Latina Movie Fiesta!
Posted on April 21, 2005
Chiquita Lopez, Kathleen Kruz and Megan Martinez. With names like this it is pretty obvious that this site ain’t filled with Asian whores or German sluts. contains hot, sexy, horny, cock-hungry Latin babes and lots of them.

Just enter your username and password and BAM!! You are face to face with some hardcore pictures featuring naked latinas and the lucky cocks that fill their holes. So far there are over 300 latina content sets, each one consisting of a set of pictures and a full-length video.

These Latin chicks don’t mess around either, these are some good hardcore scenes. Most of them are one-on-one, but there were a fair amount of double-dicking episodes and even a couple 2girl/1guy movies as each spicy slut gets her holes slammed and her face covered with hot jizz. The videos are divided into about five clips, which can be streamed in low, medium or high quality Windows Media (high: 640x480, 1.4mbps), or in Real Player (349kbps) formats. Videos can also be downloaded in their full-length version in Windows Media format. Movie quality is excellent.  This site is 100% Free, go to the main page to check it out!

New Site: Extreme Blow!
Posted on April 13, 2005
There is absolutely nothing better than looking down into the eyes of a hot slut as she’s sucking your cock – and that’s exactly the focus here at Extreme Blow!

Hot young girls, from first-timers to pros, each show off their cock-sucking skills from the ultimate blowjob point of view. These girls get down and dirty as they take it deep and show us why they’re the cum-hungry sluts of our dreams.  This site is 100% Free, go to the main page to check it out!

New Site: XXX Porno Movie Cinema!
Posted on April 05, 2005
Being that my main complaint with a lot of sites is the lack of video content and/or the low quality of the content, I don’t think that Rabbit had a hard time deciding whom to give the review of VideosZ to. bills itself as the largest online movie collection, featuring hundreds of quality DVD’s for its members to enjoy right on their computer. This definitely sounds like my kind of site. So is it? Well I got 2 words for you: Oh Yes!!!

As of the time we joined this site for free to review it, 480 full DVD’s were available to members, with 2 (yes 2) new ones added every day. The site is well set up and very easy to navigate through. You can search through the DVD’s by, category, Studio, Series, or even try typing in the name of your favorite porn star and see what they have with them in it. If there is some hardcore action you want to see, you will be able to find it here: Facials, DP’s, Anal, Latina, Threesomes, Gonzo, Toys, and too many more to mention. Just click on the DVD cover and you are now able to read a short synopsis of the film and download any of the scenes in full right on to your computer, or watch them streaming on the site. Three formats are available for downloads, Avi, Mpeg, and Wma. File size and quality gets larger and better as you go from Wma to Avi. If you have space on your hard drive and high speed Internet, I very highly recommend taking the extra time to download the files in Avi format. The Files are pretty big but the quality is top of line and definitely some of the best I have ever seen. While Mpeg files are not as good quality as the Avi, they are still very good and the file size is a little smaller.  This site is 100% Free, go to the main page to check it out!

New Site: Big Tit Ladies!
Posted on March 25, 2005
Where to start, where to start? It’s quite easy to get overwhelmed when you enter Big Tit Ladies- too many choices, too many girls, too many boobs! Once you get more familiar with the site, having a clear surfing objective will help: do you want to see ethnic boobs, plump boobs, mature boobs, fake boobs, amateur boobs, retro boobs, etc… If you choose to simply browse around, you will be still browsing by the same time the next day… and the day after.

Let me dissect Big Tit Ladies by the largest chunks first. The most useful feature of Scoreland I found is the model directory. Whether you browse it alphabetically or search by name, you have the access to the complete database of Big Tit Ladies. Let's say you’d like to see Kerry Mary’s huge natural Indian hooters. Clicking on ‘K’ brings out over 100 models. Yes, over 100. In all, more than 1300 models are in the database. If a girl has big boobs and she models, chances are very high that you will find her here. Most will have several photo/movie series. A click on ‘KerryMarie’ displays her photo shoots (over 30 appearances), movies (over 20), as well as her magazine/video appearance list.  This site is 100% Free, go to the main page to check it out!

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